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The Sacrament of Holy Communion



St. Paul's practices Open Communion.

Guests who are members of other churches are welcome to

receive communion with us. The distribution is usually done at the altar rail,

with those receiving Communion either standing or kneeling.

The pastor will first hand each communicant a piece of Christ’s bread.


There are then three options in terms of receiving the wine:

(1) The ancient Christian custom is to drink directly from the common chalice.

Or, (2) you can take an empty plastic cup form the stack at the head of the main aisle, into which will be poured a small portion of wine from the pouring chalice.

Or, (3) you can take one of the prefilled plastic cups of grape juice.


For those with mobility challenges, Communion will be brought to the pews.

Raise your hand when the server approaches.




Come forward using the center aisle of the church, and receive the wafer of bread. Then, turn to the right if you are seated on the right side of the church,

or turn left if seated on the left side and receive the cup.

The wine will be distributed in two ways:


1. The Common Chalice: For those so wishing the wine can be given by the common chalice. The servers at the sides will be holding the chalice. Simply approach the server and take the chalice into your hands and drink from it.

Or, 2. Intinction: Holding onto your wafer of bread, go to the table beside the server, and dip the wafer into one of the two cups there. The metal cup holds wine; the ceramic cup holds grape juice. Then you may consume the moistened wafer.


In the Pew:

Those who do not come forward may receive Communion at their seat.

Please raise your hand as the server comes down the aisle.



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