Youth Sunday School

St. Paul's has just the place

Sunday School Classes are 11a.m. to noon

and are listed as follows:

The BEE-lievers

Pre-school – The “BEE-lievers”:  This class is intended for ages 3 years old to Kindergarten.

This class will be using curriculum from Augsburg Fortress. Class is held in the “Bee” room upstairs.

The F.R.O.G.s

K-2/3-5 –The “F.R.O.G.'s

(which stands for "Fully Rely On God")

  We hope to have enough volunteer teachers for these grades to be separate classes. This class will be using curriculum from Augsburg Fortress. Class is held in the “Frog” room upstairs.

Teen (6th-12th)

Teen (6th-12th):  This class serves breakfast on the 2nd Sunday of the month. 

As this class develops, it is possible other worship and

service opportunities may develop. This class is using curriculum from Augsburg Fortress. This class is held upstairs in the Youth room.

Faith Trek

Faith Trek

Faith Trek:  This is a “timed release” children’s church program available for children starting at age 3 and up. This allows children the opportunity to participate during the Children’s Sermon from the pastor and then arrive back to service in time for Communion blessing with their families. Parents have the opportunity to choose if their child would like to join the “Faith Trek Experience” or be seated in church with them throughout the entire service. Children ages 3 to “not yet in Kindergarten” will be escorted to the Nursery, while the other children will be escorted to the class area to participate in Bible Story discussion and activities. This is fantastic opportunity for children who may not be able to attend Sunday school to experience a Bible study time. This class is using curriculum from Augsburg Fortress as well as other resources.

The Story Room

The Story Room will be open after the church service until 10:59 a.m. in the

Kinderchor room on the second floor of the Christian Education building. 

It’s a place for kids to come have fun with Bible stories (and maybe burn off a little energy).


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