What's New at St. Paul's?

Well, here we are, returning to our more traditional form of church communication. There will be a few changes until we get back to business as usual. To begin with there won't be a monthly calendar included with the Forward this month because we don't have a lot to put on it just yet. However, if your group is starting up meeting again, please let the office know so that we can put that information on the church calendar, and once we have more to say we will put out that official calendar. In the body of this newsletter you will see the list of volunteers for the month of August and the list of birthdays and anniversaries for the month of August that usually occur on the back of the calendar

The biggest news of the month is that our new pastor, Martin
Gehring will be starting in the office on Monday July 26th. His first
services with us will be Saturday July 31st and Sunday August 1st
and we certainly look forward to having him with us.


Here is his letter to the congregation accepting the call: “I was delighted to hear of the congregation’s vote to call me as their next pastor, and I feel real joy and satisfaction in accepting the call. I look forward to getting to know you all, becoming part of your community, and to the ministry that we will do together! God bless us in this new adventure!”



A New Pastor Has Been Called!

The congregation council is recommending to the congregation that the call be offered to the Reverend Martin P. Gehring. Families with last names ending in A-M can come and meet Pastor Gehring Thursday June 17th between 4-8 p.m. Those with names ending N-Z can come to meet the Pastor Friday June 18th from 4-8 p.m. Please look for a letter introducing Pastor Gehring to come in the mail to your families.

The congregation will hold a meeting on June 27, 2021 after the 10 a.m. service. This is a single meeting to vote on the offering the call and approving the compensation package. In order to be a voting member, you must: Be a confirmed member, attended, contributed and communed between the dates of June 1, 2019 and the day of the vote. All confirmed members are encouraged to attend the meet and greets and attend the vote!

Changes to St. Paul's Covid Policy

Well, the times they are a-changing! May 29th and 30th will be the end of our stringent service restrictions. Beginning with services on June 5th and 6th, masks will no longer be required, but recommended in services, especially for the unvaccinated, although we will still be socially distancing in the pews. In addition, as long as you are masked, quiet singing and softly spoken responses from the pews will resume! Communion will still be in the pews and offering plates at the door. Look for the updated COVID information to be sent to you.

Four Church Farm-Our Own Outdoor Campground

Do you need a place for a family reunion, overnight camping,

weekend camping or just a family picnic?

Then The Four Church Farm is the place for you!
This is a beautiful hilltop area on Flint Ridge which was donated to St. Paul’s, St. John’s, Trinity and Christ Lutheran Churches by the late judge, Virginia Weiss. We at St. Paul’s help maintain this area during the year with mowing, cleanup and overall maintenance. Shelter House, picnic area, restroom facilities, water and sporting equipment is available with your reservation. Last year, the farm was only used 40 times with a lot of open dates. This facility is more than the October Ox Roast and needs to be used. No cost involved.
For reservations, check the calendar on Christ Lutheran Church web page. Click on Four Church Farm for the calendar, then call the church secretary at Christ Lutheran, 740-522-4505, for your reservation.

St. Paul’s in the Cloud Telephone Line

This new feature at St. Paul's launched on May 9. 

Those without internet access can use a landline or cell phone to call (it’s local!) and hear the Saturday service sermon and prayers.

Every Wednesday we will post a new devotion which will feature the Lectors at St. Paul's reading a scripture, devotion and a prayer.

There are no extra buttons to push.  Just dial the number, listen for the automated greeting, hang on during a short pause, and the weekly worship-by-phone will begin.

Share the news with someone who does not

have an internet connection! 

Just dial:  740-247-5551